Iceberg Vodka Case Study

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[column col=”2/3″]Iceberg Vodka is made with water that is carefully harvested from North Atlantic icebergs that were formed 12,000 years ago in the Canadian Arctic. This water is the most naturally pure water on the planet and is totally free from all man made contaminants and organic compounds. The water is so pure, in fact, that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has named North Atlantic Icebergs as a “new water source category.” The vodka is made with the same pure Canadian Arctic iceberg water and is triple distilled with rich Canadian sweet corn to produce an ultra-premium, ultra-smooth spirit. It consists of 60% iceberg water and 40% alcohol. Iceberg Vodka is available in sparkling, chiseled ice shaped glass bottles in a variety of sizes, from 1.75 liters to 50 ml. It was recently ranked the best vodka in world by Wine Access magazine and was previously a silver medal winner at the International Wine and Spirit Awards in London. The superior quality and care that Iceberg takes in crafting its beverage is evident in the smooth flavor and unequaled taste. Just one taste and you’ll appreciate the clean, crisp flavor of Iceberg.

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